Why I Use Clear Mascara

Mascara can be considered a girl’s best friend. You know why?  They accentuate a lady’s lashes making the eyes prettier and more dramatic and enhancing the beauty of your eyes. I have slightly thick brows and thick lashes so colored mascara would be a little too dramatic for me. Also the only reason why I wanted to use mascara is to emphasize the curves of my lashes, and have the added benefit of giving those same lashes the wet look.

Wet looking lashes have the added benefit of volume and shimmer, just like furniture with natural polish; they tend to look more sophisticated despite their natural look. They are the perfect finishing touch to your made up face.

Aside from the lashes, you can also use clear mascara to define your brows. If you are used to curling your lashes, a coat of clear mascara will help you seal the curl. These are several brands of clear mascara that are quite popular in the market today:

  • Sephora Professional Clear Natural Mascara-  Possibly the perfect mascara for accentuating lashes through curling, separating and defining unruly brows. This is one of the most in demand products by Sephora and it is quite affordable too.
  • Jane Iredale PureBrow Fix and Mascara- This mascara has a double end with a comb and brush for your brows and lashes. This company is popular for their mineral cosmetics that are completely vegan. It is quite pricey though at $20.
  • Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara-it is a clear gel formula that has panthenol for a moisturizing wet look and costs only $5.
  • MAC Dramatic Beyond Real Prep + Prime Lash- not exactly a clear mascara but it has a semi-clear base. It smoothes and conditions your lashes while costing around $14.
  • Max Factor Clear Mascara- It is smudge-proof and has the ability to enhance the natural of your lashes. At $5.50, it is easy on the purse.
  • Revlon Lash Jewels Mascara Crystal Clear- it is a liquid formula that emphasizes the sparkle of your eyes. Though users of this product have mixed reviews.

As you can see there are many options out there if you want to achieve the wet look for your brows and lashes with clear mascara.  Cover girl style is just a buy away!

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